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anarchist's Journal

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Er....I'm an anarchist!

Yeah, ok, ok....I like sex, drugs, music and politics. And they're a great mix. One of my main ambitions in life is to bomb the White House. I work in computers and I'm writing a book about globalisation, US foreign policy and the brainwa.....erm, mass media.

I'm a tad moody. Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down. Sometimes I'm sociable, other times I'm a hermit. Right now I'm a bit of a hermit and depressed, but at least it's cheap! I have a severly disturbed sense of humour that tends to range from surreal to sarcastic to extra dry. More than anything else, I can't stand 95% of television and what passes off as being 'popular culture' when it's a corporate turd designed to empty your pockets, your mind and your soul all at the same time.

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